Guidi Watch 4

Guidi Watch 4

Larry Rides Again

A surprise for Hollyglen .......

Councilman Schoenfeld, do you support Mayor Guidi's latest development project?

Councilman Mark Schoenfeld was asked this question during a recent telephone call from Southern California Edison.

Councilman Schoenfeld: "I don't know of any new project, what do you mean?"

Edison: "Mayor Guidi has had meetings and discussions with Dino LaBlanca of Southern California Edison's corporate real estate division to build a horse stable and facility on Rosecrans Avenue east of Aviation. He is pushing very hard for this."

Councilman Schoenfeld: Is this a joke?

Edison: NO.  This is not a joke and we don't feel it's prudent either.

Councilman Schoenfeld: Seriously? He wants to put a bunch of horses next to our homes, new Cloverleaf project, and new hotels in the middle of the Rosecrans corridor? What about the flies, the smell, you're joking, right? This is an election time joke?  Who will want to shop and vacation next to that? It's not zoned for that type of use and that use is completely incompatible with the brand new existing uses  around my neighbor's residences. God, the smell and the flies!

Edison: We agree with you. We don't like it either.

Councilman Schoenfeld: This was never brought to the public, either privately or at a properly noticed City Council meeting. THIS IS ANOTHER LARRY GUIDI BACK ROOM DEAL. MAYBE HE THOUGHT NO ONE WOULD FIND OUT ABOUT THIS UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION. THANK YOU FOR THE CALL AND I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CRAZY USE NEXT TO PEOPLES' HOMES AND OUR NEWEST RETAIL AND HOTEL USES. one call to Councilman Schoenfeld, Southern California Ediso

Like we've said, you can't make this up!