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The Exchange Project

Intensive Trucking and Potential Conflict of Interest


The Exchange Project involves the development of some 103 acres of land just east of Hawthorne Municipal Airport.  The development includes some retail stores along with over half a million square feet of truck warehouse along with an intensive trucking overlay zone.  The overlay zone is required to reverse Hawthorne's existing ban on trucking and freight forwarding  developments.

The project's Environmental Impact Report (which may be inspected by the public at City Hall), estimates that truck traffic will increase significantly, bringing thousands of commercial trucks into Hawthorne every day.  More commercial trucks on the streets of Hawthorne.  Street lanes that would actually be narrowed over the objections of the Hawthorne Police Department and the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

ALIGN=LEFT>With over a half million square feet allocated to trucking uses, one must wonder why any council member  would support a development having such a great negative impact on the city and particularly the residents and property owners of Holly Park and The Greens.

Larry Guidi stated that "No one hates trucks more than I do," just minutes before casting a vote to adopt the final Environmental Impact Report on August 13, 2001. -  Larry's final vote of approval was expected during the September 10, 2001 Council Meeting, but it never came.  Perhaps the following letter can explain why Larry Guidi abstained:

Interestingly enough, as Ms. Kranitz writes in her opening paragraph, Larry blurted out his long-term involvement in the freight-forwarding business and his role as manager of a property across the street from the Exchange Project during a Council Meeting! What can you expect from a mayor who consistently questions the need for legal gobbledygook during Council Meetings?  What can you expect from a mayor who stated that I have no conflicts and can vote on "whatever" I want? 

Larry's Employment - Who Does He Represent?

In addition to his position as Mayor, Larry Guidi has been hired by the Hawthorne School District as Assistant Facilities Planner.  How did  Larry Guidi, whose scholastic achievement consists of  graduating from Lennox High School, qualify for the position?  What happened to the District's Planner?  How did he beat other applicants for the job?  Did his influence as Mayor help?  Is his school district job behind Larry's vehement support of the ill-fated school at the Hawthorne Mall?  How about the school at the Cockatoo Inn proposal? Is this another conflict of interest?


Lennox High Graduate

Larry Guidi, who does not hold a real estate license according to the California Department of Real Estate, admits to managing a large commercial property.  According to his own public record disclosure statements, he is "Project Manager" for "CBC" on Crenshaw Blvd.  (See Potential Conflict of Interest above.)  Managing a large commercial property is normally a full-time job, yet Larry manages to do so while simultaneously working full-time for the Hawthorne School District as Assistant Facilities Planner.  Does Larry actually work full-time for his $57,000+ salary at the school district?  Did Larry's position as "Project Manager" influence his vote on the Exchange Project? (See Potential Conflict of Interest above.)

Working for CBC and the Hawthorne School District evidently doesn't take all of Larry's time.  Normally, persons with just one job find it difficult to find room in their schedules for elected office such as Council member or Mayor.  How can Larry Guidi do all three?

... Everybody Loves Larry


This photo appeared in the center of Larry's 1999 campaign flyer titled  "The People's Mayor".  Unfortunately for Larry, "the people" didn't include the Hawthorne Police Officers Association that year.  The HPOA was supporting his opponent!  What's a candidate to do?

Undaunted, Larry dredged up this photo of himself surrounded by Hawthorne's finest including three firemen in the back row - at a canned food drive!  (Note the peanut butter.) 

Why bother with an official endorsement when you can imply it?



Here's another cut from Larry's 1999 campaign flyer "The People's Mayor".  How remarkable can Hawthorne's progress be under Guidi's stewardship when Larry himself flatly stated during the August 13, 2001 Council Meeting, "There are zero jobs in Hawthorne"?    Which it is?

Larry Guidi Supports Keeping the Hawthorne Police Department!

Larry says he doesn't want to replace the Hawthorne Police Department with the Los Angeles County Sheriffs.  So why did Larry put his name on the Team Sheriff Racing dragster as a sponsor? You have to wonder if the Hawthorne Police remember the Hawthorne Fire Department.

You couldn't make this up!




Speaking of firefighters' support, how about Larry's 1999 campaign for mayor.  Did you see the pictures of Larry on that fire truck with a bunch of firemen?  Did you know that the truck was a rented prop and that Guidi's supporters were "firemen" in rented costumes?

Real fire trucks carry tax-exempt plates, not commercial truck plates like this.

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Campaigning - Larry Guidi Style

Larry Guidi is running for his SIXTH term on the Hawthorne City Council.  How can he be sincere when his latest battle cry is for term limits?  Is anybody out there listening?


Larry loves campaign signs and banners.  Everybody's seen Larry's banner proclaiming that "Hawthorne Moms Support Larry Guidi".  Have you heard of an organization called Hawthorne Moms? 


Another banner says that "Hawthorne Firefighters Support Larry Guidi".  This one is particularly amusing as there are no Hawthorne Firefighters or Paramedics.  Larry Guidi voted to dismantle the Hawthorne City Fire Department and replace it with the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Of course, just because the Hawthorne City Fire Department doesn't exist won't stop its firefighters from supporting Larry.


UPDATE!   Larry Guidi helped Sheriff Lee Baca with a fund raiser at Hank's Bistro on October 23, 2001.  Larry supports the Hawthorne Police Department.

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