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"Age: 43"   That's correct based on when he graduated from Lennox High School.

"Occupation:  Mayor"  Larry says being Mayor of Hawthorne is a full-time job.  Really?  Is that why Larry theoretically works full-time as an Assistant Planner at the Hawthorne School District and theoretically as "Project Manager" for Crenshaw Business Center on El Segundo Blvd.?  Just who is getting short changed - the School District, CBC, or the people of Hawthorne?

"As your Mayor for the past eight year, I am proud to have lead the team that returned progress and prosperity to our city." Progress and prosperity?  At the August 13, 2001 Hawthorne Council Meeting, Larry Guidi stated that, "UNLESS YOU DO HAIR OR NAILS, THERE ARE ZERO JOBS IN HAWTHORNE."  The video tape is available at

"We have reduced crime by 30 percent and increased property values by 17 percent." First of all, Larry does not provide a time frame here.  Is he talking about 2000 - 2001 or 1939 - 1968?  Second, how much of that crime reduction was a result in the overall reduction of crime throughout the entire country?  How much was a direct result of Larry Guidi?  Do his statistics include the incident involving Larry shooting a pistol at two unarmed teenagers? Property values are something every politician likes to take credit for.  Is a 17% increase the result of Larry Guidi, or more likely, is it the result of Hawthorne's values being dragged up by values in surrounding communities going through the roof?  Here's an interesting financial note:  When interest rates go down - and they've been in the 6% range lately - property values always go up. Larry Guidi doesn't claim to have influence over interest rates.

"Two years ago, I promised to restore pride to the Hawthorne Boulevard business district and bring new development projects that would provide shopping opportunities and jobs - I KEPT THAT PROMISE."   Drive south along Hawthorne Boulevard and count the number of vacant stores.  Then count the number of "credit tenants" in the occupied locations.  How many big name businesses do you see?  Then, drive further through Lawndale and Torrance for a comparison.

"We have revitalized Hawthorne Boulevard at no cost to the taxpayers."  Those vacant stores on the Boulevard generate ZERO SALES TAX for the city.  The new police station is being built on Hawthorne Boulevard - a commercial location that will never generate sales tax revenue for Hawthorne.  A police station doesn't need to be built on what should be prime retail land.  A monument to Larry Guidi however, must have high visibility.

"I led the effort to bring the Hawthorne Plaza Village, Gateway Center and AutoNation to Hawthorne Boulevard."  The Hawthorne Plaza Village is on Hawthorne Blvd.  Does Larry Guidi know that the Gateway Center was built on Hindry Avenue?  As of October 2001, AutoNation isn't in Hawthorne.  If AutoNation does come to Hawthorne, it's also slated for Hindry Avenue.  How can a leader forget where he's led?  Could it be that Larry didn't write his own Candidate Statement?"These projects brought millions of dollars of revenue and provided numerous jobs.  We now enjoy a budget with a multi-million dollar surplus."  Larry, Larry, Larry .... You always forget to mention that the "new" Costco and Staples stores aren't really new additions to Hawthorne.  Both of these tenants moved from other locations in Hawthorne.  While there may be a few additional minimum wage jobs in their bigger stores, the employees from the old stores moved into the new ones.  The sales tax revenue generated at the new stores will be offset by the now vacant old stores. That multi-million dollar surplus is the result of one time developer fees collected by the city that will not be collected in future years.

"Improving life for families in Hawthorne will continue to be my top priority!"  How can this be a top priority for Larry when he has two other jobs?  As  Mayor, Larry Guidi  earns $600 per month.  As Assistant Facilities Planner at the Hawthorne School District, Larry makes $56,000+.  and wants a promotion.  Let's not forget his other job -  "Project Manager" at CBC on El Segundo Blvd.  Managing a commercial property should be a full time job, too!

"Families can now enjoy the Hawthorne Pool and the Betty Ainsworth Sports Center."  Larry Guidi likes "high visibility" projects that he can point to during election time. Substantial improvements in Hawthorne's economy would be reflected in increased home ownership.  According to fellow mayoral candidate Wally Blazicek, 84% of household incomes in Hawthorne is below $40,000 per year.

"To reduce crime, I have worked with our police to develop the Crime Free Multi Housing Program and strengthen our our battle against graffiti."  If Larry Guidi was serious about crime in apartment complexes, he wouldn't be against home ownership (click here for details).  We've got to increase the number of home owners in Hawthorne before any meaningful changes can occur.

"Our continued progress requires leadership and commitment." It certainly does.  Based on the statements above, do you think Larry Guidi can provide it?

"I am committed to listening to your concerns and serving your needs."  Really?  Larry Guidi's performance at the August 13, 2001 Council Meeting is an example of that commitment.  When several residents of Holly Park came to voice their concerns over a 566,000 square foot intensive trucking project Larry was about to vote on, what did Larry do?  He tried to intimidate people who were not used to speaking in public.   He announced that he had made up his mind before hearing the public.  He argued and talked over them.  He often tried to filibuster the few minutes allocated to each speaker, sometimes speaking about them after they had left the meeting - when they could not rebut.  He derided Hawthorne citizens who had come to their first Council Meeting for not previously  attending and not understanding the issues at hand.  Some of these residents were home owners in Hawthorne since before Larry Guidi was a school crossing guard at Lennox High School.

I will continue to lead Hawthorne to greater growth and prosperity in my next term as your mayor.   Based in Larry Guidi's assessment of Hawthorne's current economic situation, that should be easy. According to Larry, "Unless you do hair or nails, there are ZERO JOBS in Hawthorne."  (Larry Guidi August 13, 2001 Hawthorne Council Meeting.)

Seriously.... Do you think Larry Guidi really hoped that the voters would read this statement?  Well, maybe at the last minute, in the voting booth!

An Analysis of Larry Guidi's 2001 Candidate Statement

Here's something Larry Guidi hopes you'll read and believe .....

Larry Guidi Plans to Bring Lennox High School to Cockatoo Inn

  At a mayoral candidate interview at the Daily Breeze on October 12, 2001, Larry Guidi revealed his plan to bring a new Lennox high school to the City of Hawthorne.   Larry Guidi was a staunch supporter of the ill-fated school at the Hawthorne Mall site and now he's gone off the deep end.  In front of candidates Blazicek and Schoenfeld, as well as the President / Publisher of the Daily Breeze plus two editors, Mayor and Hawthorne School District Assistant Planner Guidi said that he wants to bring Lennox students to Hawthorne.

The school at Hawthorne Mall was a bad idea and was killed by Cal-Trans Aeronautical Division for safety reasons.  The Cockatoo Inn is also a bad idea.  How does Larry propose to replace the revenue that will be lost upon building a tax-exempt school?  A school that would exclude Hawthorne students.

Does Larry Guidi represent the residents and voters of Hawthorne, the Hawthorne School District or Lennox?

UPDATE!  (From Larry Guidi's 2001 campaign flyer ....)  Larry claims he supports more schools to house OUR student population.  That's why he wants a Lennox high school in the Cockatoo Inn.

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